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San Leandro, CA 94577

(510) 568-7398

  Hours of Operation
Monday 6am - 5pm
Tuesday 6am - 5pm
Wednesday 6am - 5pm
Thursday 6am - 5pm
Friday 6am - 5pm
Saturday 6am - 5pm
Sunday Closed


Bit of Ireland Bakery




Notice : Due to the spread of COVID-19, our bakery needs to make some changes to avoid the cross infection among customers.

1.  Coffee will be served by our employee in stead of self service.

2.   Food-to-go only. No more dine-in.   

3.   Please keep certain social distances of 6 ft. with other people to avoid being infected.                                   

4.  If you feel like having any symptoms, please be considerate and stay at home for quarantine.                 

5.  There will be no small change for the purchase. Please prepare the exact change or credit card payment.

6.   Wearing face mask is a MUST before entering our bakery to control the spread of COVID-19.






Further change may apply to suit the situation of COVID-19.







* Due to more business are allowed to reopen, our bakery business hours will be changed eith effective from June 1, 2020.

Monday - Wednesday : 6:00 am - 3:00 pm

Thursday - Saturday : 6:00 am - 5:00 pm

We appreciate your patronage and co-operation to overcome this world crisis.                                                                                 






Breakfast sandwich is serving now:

Choose from croissant or bagel with sliced lean ham, breakfast sausage link, bacon, sliced turkey, egg or cheese.



Breakfast sandwiches promotion week: 


Grilled sausage, cheese and egg in your choice of bread for $5.00 ONLY! 

 * Sandwiches are made to order. Pre-order is recommended to avoid waiting at the bakery. Promotion may change any time without advanced notice.*



 * Pre-order is required





 French Macaron special promotion:

        Gift boxes come in 7 pcs. and 14 pcs. * Pre-order is recommended

Chocolate macaron     Coffee macaron   Earl Grey macaron   Lemon macaron   Matcha macaron   Raspberry macaron    Rose macaron   Strawberry macaron   Ube macaron   Coconut macaron      Mango macaron    Taro macaron  

  Vanilla macaron



New items : Hoogie bread is now available at the bakery. It is perfect for the sandwiches!


 Would you like to have a customized shaped cake for your birthday?*



 This Pokemon cake will add more fun in the party.*



Try this new colorful French Macaron and Macaron cakes for the wedding ceremony instead of the tradional upright wedding cakes.*






Try to get a special and elegant cake for her birthday or for the engagement party, this rose swirl cake is the ideal one.*

The yummy French Macaroon is now serving!*




 * Pre-order is required*